Charlene Eldon


Ampersand Typography Poster

This poster is a stand-alone personal project that is an homage to the ampersand. Ampersands were originally the Latin word "Et", meaning "and", and over time the natural ligatures between the two letters became their own symbol. Many ampersands are no longer recognizable as Et's, but some are. Type design offers a lot of interesting and unique solutions for letterforms, but ampersands seem to be in a category all their own for wild originality. 

I ended up using some of these ampersands as a pattern for my personal branding as well:

The back of my business card

The back of my business card


Once the poster was done, I expanded the idea to different types of merchandise. The first versions of merchandise were with the whole poster design put on shirts and phone cases:

The second round of merchandise designs took individual ampersands and put them on objects. I also used the pattern from my business card, put it in black and white, and used that as the design for a pair of leggings and a skateboard helmet.