Charlene Eldon


My Background

I am a graphic designer from the San Francisco Bay area, and have been fortunate enough to live here my whole life. I have always been involved in both visual and performing arts, and consider myself a "creative type" through and through, so the shift to becoming a certified designer was a logical and enjoyable one.

My background in the performing arts, which included acting, dancing, singing and playing piano, instilled in me an ability to work with a team, pick up slack, and follow directions, even amongst total chaos. My background in visual arts, especially abstract painting, has given me the tools I use the most now as a designer- creative problem solving and the ability to think way, way outside the box when needed. 

My Process

My approach to my graphic design work is very similar to my approach with acting- get the director's or client's input first, in great detail, show them my interpretation, and then finesse from there until they're pleased with the results. I have my own ideas of what the project could or should look like, and the ability to conceptualize and create the final products, but it is ultimately not mine. In working with clients, I make sure they know that I am there to listen to their needs, get an idea of their favorite styles, and take feedback and criticism until they're pleased with the results.

Photo by Lorelei Ghanizadeh Voorsanger

Photo by Lorelei Ghanizadeh Voorsanger

My Current Resume:

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